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The Samorin Project


The Samorin Project, a new industrial cluster in Slovak Republic

In order to guarantee the survival of small-medium business enterprises of Vicenza, internationalization has become a necessity. In this context, the Industrial Association of Vicenza has promoted the “Consortium of small and medium enterprises for the development of the Republic of Slovakia”.

The Consortium is a slovak legal entity that incorporeted the members involved in the project. The Consortium has been established in Bratislava on 13 May 2003 during the visit of our Deputy Minister of International Trade, Mr Adolfo Urso. Consider that the Consortium’s members are all slovakian branches of italian companies.
The purpose of activity of the Consortium shall be the development and management of an industrial district in the territory of Samorin for the operation of the industrial and commercial activities of the associated companies in the field of the electronic and mechanic industry.
Therefore, the main object of this project is to spread industrial culture and economic welfare in the Republic of Slovakia. Different enterprises can join the Consortium not only electronic and mechanic business but also business operating in other fields.

We have decided to invest in Slovakia, exactly in the city of Samorin, for its long years experience in the mechanic and electronic field. There are many other reasons such as the availability of a highly skilled workforce and good Universities, strategic location of the country sited at the hearth of the EU and of the East European markets, law labour and production costs.
We have selected the city of Samorin because of the convenience of the place (near Bratislava and Vienna) and the willingness of his Municipality that it has been very helpful for the project starting.
The city of Samorin is also important because it offers a wide range of professionals and managers capable of assisting the entrepreneur of Vicenza in his own business. The Consortium has estimated the engagement of about 400/500 employees.

At the moment 13 companies join the Consortium with the interest to carry out their own productive activity in a lot of 120.000 square metres.

The objective of the Consortium shall be to assist and represent the companies, provide to them consultancy and other services, make investments of collective interest for the development of the industrial district and promote the professional education of workers and employees as well as encourage the introduction of the Italian language in the territory of Samorin.
The Consortium has developed a wide range of operational and advisory services that can meet all the needs of its members:
· Supplying information of economic, commercial and legislative nature;
· Legal consultancy;
· Fiscal consultancy;
· Market research;
· Partners scouting.

More information about the Consortium is available on our website

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